Friday, February 26, 2010

It's love.


Before getting married I had checked some things off my list of things I wanted to do in my life like college, living abroad, and working, so it seemed like I should have been ready as soon as we got married to start working on the family part of the list. But I wasn't right away and that was okay, we didn't feel rushed and we had PLENTY on our plate to keep us busy. We waited for three years - to some people this seemed quick while others thought what took us so long. The important thing was that we made the decision together when both of us were ready and it felt right.

So we found out we were pregnant probably three weeks after we talked about it and we were SO excited, and surprised it happened so fast! Then a couple months in I started having this fear - I kept hearing that having a baby changes your life, but .......... I LIKED my life! I loved our life together, I loved working, I loved being creative and learning new things, I loved our life! So the thought of everything changing was scary to me - how would I know if I would like my new life as "just a mom".

This may not make sense to some people. I think some are blessed with the ability to love motherhood even before experiencing it, they can see themselves in that role and know they will feel happy and fulfilled. Most of the people I know are like that, but I was freaking out. I was afraid that defining myself as a mom would somehow make everything else I've ever done, or loved, or was good at just disappear. But the miracle is that not only did becoming a mom NOT obliterate everything I was before, but it gave everything I was, and am, and will be greater purpose and clarity. Marrying Jared is the only moment I can compare it to - I am so much more of my authentic self with him and, now, with Brody.

I am a mother, and I love it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Love.







You are my favorite person in the world, and Brody's favorite too. :) We love you tons and tons.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am selling my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, the "nifty fifty"! It is a really awesome lens that is in great condition, perfect if you are upgrading from a kit lens or if you need a super fast, sharp prime lens. Check out the specs here. I took the pictures in the previous post with it. :)

I'm selling it for $50 plus shipping. If you are interested email me at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love this face....



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bath time


We love bath time! He has loved his bath from day one, it is so cute. Putting lotion on afterwards - not so much. He fights me every time! Like a true boy I guess. I think he gets it from his daddy, putting sunscreen on Jared is like wrangling a four year old. :) Love you babe!

As far as his health goes he is doing AMAZING! The ENT said that we are in the clear as far as surgeries go so no more for Mr. Brody! He's eating well and gaining weight like a champ so he finally has baby rolls....I love baby rolls! They are the cutest thing ever, ever. Which is another reason I am glad he likes his bath - we have to thoroughly clean those cracks!

Lately he's discovered his little voice and makes the funniest squeals and giggles. He has the "Mariah Carey" and the "Squeaky Door", although the "Mariah Carey" is his favorite I would say. He even closes his eyes when he really gets up there, now we just need to work on his non-sensical hand waving and he'll have the impression down PAT!

He absolutely loves Jared, he always has a huge grin when he sees him walk through the door from work. And if he hears his voice in the other room he gets so excited. I think I need one of those mission impossible voice changer things so when he gets sick of me in the middle of the day I can just slap it on and voila, happy Brody is back! But really I wouldn't need it that often, he is usually either so happy he can barely stand it or he's asleep.

He's actually been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now, it has totally changed my life! A little after 8 weeks I started doing a modified version of the Babywise plan (whole other post on this coming) and he slept through the night for the first time a week into it. Then at 10 weeks he slept through the night again and didn't look back! He goes to sleep around 8:30 or so and sleeps until 7:00 then during the day he takes at least two hour and a half naps - on most days three naps. So I'm glad we've found something that works for us. He's happy, I'm happy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love my job


Who knew you were allowed to have this much fun as a mom!? I love it.

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