Thursday, March 27, 2008

New York, New York

I have to admit I totally could live in New York. Not forever, just for a few months or a year or something - I just love it! I grew up going a lot with my mom and fell in love with just about everything. So when I was interviewing for this job about two years ago and they asked me how I felt about having to possibly go there every year for business I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So now every spring break I take 15-20 students to the city and meet with designers, showrooms, trend forecasters, etc. and am just fine with "having to" (hah!).

First night at ESPN Zone!
(sorry it's a little blurry, I left my good camera at home)

The fun part is Jared gets to come too. Although it seemed funny that I was waking up at 8am to go to meetings and he got to sleep in and shop all day (I think the guys at the NBA store knew him by name at the end of the week). We had such a great time - we went to Bryant Park where New York Fashion week just ended, walked around Soho for a while, shopped pretty much all over (I have the best husband in the world, love you babe!) and ate at ESPN Zone not once but twice!

Bryant Park

These little dogs were waiting on their owner outside of Starbucks - so cute!!

Reading brail.
(Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm blind. This time I think my glasses gave it away...)

Little boutique in Soho that I love!

Oh and we got to meet with Tommy Hilfiger at their corporate office! He was so nice.

Last night at ESPN Zone in Times Square, Jared couldn't get enough!

Like a kid in a candy store...

Counting down to next year's trip already.

I just love how everything is right at your fingertips and you can walk just about anywhere. It's like home away from home. But it was good to come home to warmer weather, and I did miss my cold-hearted-love-withholding-catdog Chauncey.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh baby

One of my friends, Holly, just had a baby three weeks ago and she is the cutest thing! Her name is London - LOVE that name for a girl - and her older brother and sister call her baby Lo. It is so cute. I went over earlier in the week to do some pictures and just wanted to eat her up.

I was nervous to see how the pictures turned out because it was my first time to photograph a newborn, but luckily she is very photogenic and it made up for my lack of expertise. I just want to squeeze her!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Love

We're back! I'll have an update on our spring break happenings later this week with pictures and what not but we had such a great time! New York was amazing (minus the most near death experience I've ever had, I'll explain later) and we had great weather. Then we hung out in Houston for a few days that was awesome as well.

We had to leave Chauncey home by himself all week while we were gone so we put him upstairs for the week and had friends check on him (thanks friends!). Chauncey has a history of getting an attitude when he's left alone for too long and when that happens he usually rebells in some kind of non-litterbox-using way. So we have to confine him to a certain area while he's left alone or he just goes nuts.

He also hates my guts. He absolutely can't get enough of Jared, but will have nothing to do with me. This is par for the course I guess, I wanted a kitten so bad so I could teach it to be cuddly and sit in my lap which Chauncey totally did when we first got him. Boy was I fooled. It wasn't two weeks later that he morphed into a total spaz cat that hates being around people, and heaven forbid if anyone wants to pet him - he's just not having it.

But I think while were were gone he figured out that I'm the one that wanted him in the first place, I clean his litter box, I feed him - he should love me dangit! I don't know if this change of heart will last but I hope it does, I don't know if I can take too much more rejection!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Taking a breaky break

This week has been CRAZY BUSY! I honestly have not had one minute to even think about doing a blog post since last weekend, sadness. And I'm leaving for New York tomorrow on a business trip so it will be another week of post-less-ness, but I promise there will be good stuff going up when I get back!

Speaking of good stuff did you SEE the Project Runway finale?! I've been on "Team Fierce" all along so I actually screamed when Christian won, love it!

And how about American Idol, anyone watching? I admit I have never really gotten into it but for some reason this season has me hooked. I don't know if Paula is on crack or just plain crazy but it's really annoying.

Last but not least (I promise I don't sit in front of the TV 24/7 even though it really sounds like it right now, thank goodness for DVR) I am thoroughly addicted to America's Best Dance Crew on MTV - and so is Jared! That's the best part - we have all of our friends hooked on it too and we get together every Thursday night to watch it (and then replay it again immediately after it ends). It really is amazing how good these people are, and that Mario Lopez is still employed.

Have a good spring break peeps, see you in a week!

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