Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 6


So I lied. I had all the best intentions of finishing these last two days up a week ago but it never fails - when I make plans, the AC goes out. I can pretty much count on it. So after spending the last week with the repair guys I am really wishing we were back on the beach!

Day 6 I conquered one of my major fears - heights. Apparently Costa Rica has some pretty amazing zipline tours, everyone that had been before told us it was a MUST do. Considering I have a hard time standing at the top of a step ladder without holding on I thought we might have a problem. But I didn't want to miss out so I figured if my harness breaks mid-zip and this is how I go out at least Jared would know that I tried to be adventurous!

As you can see, no harness mishaps this time so we're good. It was actually really, really fun. I did find myself looking down a few times planning which tree I would try to grab on to if my harness broke now.......or now.......or what.. about... now.... but that game got old quick since the trees started getting further and further away. We were so high up!! I should have taken some pictures along the way but I was too busy concentrating on my harness.

Here's the group on our way out. (Melissa and Dad stayed home with the babies)


Just a few from around the house after we got home. I loved the little water basin at the gate between our house and the beach, perfect idea for rinsing the sand off.


One of the days, I can't remember which, we had surf lessons so the boys spent the rest of the week trying to master the waves. I think Jared still prefers snowboarding, but man does he look good carrying a surf board. :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 5

Beach day! Brody got things started with a little show to entertain Landry. It is SO cute how much he already loves his little cousin.


Then he decided to head outside to explore. I love his little diaper bum.


This is his face when I tell him not to put something in his mouth. He's pretending to listen....


... and then does something cute to try and distract me.


Then we got really dressed up (and by that I mean we wore something over our swimsuits) and headed out for lunch. So much for a picture of all of us looking, I think that's pretty much par-for-the-course with a 1 yr old. :)



Where for lunch, Paige? LOS MUNCHIES! So we called it. It was actually only a couple of picnic tables outside of a tiny general store but OH MAN did they have the best rice and beans you've ever had. In you life. Ever. Brody was a fan of the smoothies, not even Sean's turtle flute playing could distract him.


Then it was back on the beach.


Will and Jared tried to get Brody into boogie boarding. He didn't like it so much.


Probably as much as Jason liked this:


Brody's favorite thing to do was pick up shells/leaves/sunglasses and throw them into the surf. Each throw he would say "BOOM!" and make a funny surprised face. Such a big boy. I love that little dude.


To me days like this are like gold. Just relaxing and enjoying being around the people you love the most. And rice and beans.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 4

Sick of these yet? I feel like it's taking me 100 years to collect the pictures from everyone's cameras, sort, edit, and group them - but I promise I'm getting my stuff together! The last three days will go up this week and I will finally blog about something else!


In the meantime - day 4. Jared's favorite day. The girls stayed in for a beach/massage/pedicure day (Melissa took my mom for a doctor/sedative/eyepatch day) and the boys went to play golf. The boys actually left way before my mom's eye got bad, they're not the jerks that the last sentence kinda made them sound like. :)


They had a lot of stories about the crazy animals on the course, I think the alligator sign made everyone reconsider going after lost balls.



I think it's funny that they each took turn taking pictures of their swings.






Remember when I was talking how surprised we were by the giant jungle bugs? Go ahead and add giant jungle frogs to that list.

Looks normal enough right?




Gross, dad. Gross.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 3


The highlight of day 3 was walking down the beach to the local surf shop. For Brody any day that involves a shoulder ride is a good day.


The whole gang. (minus mom and dad, they decided to ride bikes there)


Then Jared asked me "Is there drool running down my neck?" Um, yes.


It was the start of low tide so there was this super thin layer of water that the kids were playing in. It looked like a big mirror.


These little guys were totally zonked out, it was so cute. When I look at this picture it's just so crazy to think that Jared and Sean were best friends in high school, before we met. Who would have known 10 years later they'd be walking down the beach holding their little boys, who are cousins!?


The surf shop had the cutest chocolate lab, Loca. Brody was a fan.


One of his favorite tricks - sticking his belly out. He's pretty much obsessed with his belly button. It was hilarious until he realized that everyone has a belly button. Fighting with a 13 month old who's trying to lift up your shirt = not so hilarious.


I think he's been shopping with me too much. Haha.


There you go, that's more like it.




A little walk down from the surf shop was this little hotel (I think 6 rooms) and cafe where we grabbed some lunch. And entertainment.


I LOVE how kid friendly everything was in Costa Rica. While we waited for our food Brody checked out the little lap pool and hammocks. Best. idea. ever.


Then it was back to the house.


Low tide is my favorite.


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