Monday, March 22, 2010

Someone's figured out....

....the jumpy jump! He's loving it these days.


I can't believe he's already four months old, time goes by so fast. He's so happy these days I can't even stand it! It's like he just wants everyone to be happy, I totally love it. What's new: giggles galore, drool, grabbing his feet, just rolled over for the first time last week, more drool, teething, screeching screams that he thinks are so funny, and a brand new room in the works. He keeps us busy!

We tried rice cereal for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he was not a fan. We might wait a couple more weeks and try again, we're in no rush to switch to real people food. I've heard that's a whole new adventure so we're enjoying the simplicity of bottles for a little while longer. Yes BOTTLES. Have I talked about this yet? I meant to at some point but I don't think it ever happened.

Before Brody came I was totally planning on nursing for the first year, and when he got here we started off without a hitch. :Side note: Who knew your milk doesn't come in for 4-5 days after delivery? What? Has anyone seen the pictures of me five days after he was born? Hello. I was not prepared for the national geographic-ness. So a few hours and a breast pump later I was good to go. We were doing fine the next couple of weeks and then Brody's whole incident happened. After he got out of the ICU we found out that his suck-swallow-breathe reflex was underdeveloped so it was taking us a really long time for him to eat, and when he did nurse it was stop-and-go the whole time with a lot of wheezing and choking.

So at that point I thought about switching to formula. If you google "switching from breast feeding to formula" you will discover that breast feeding is a religion, and if you don't believe you are going to hell. It's crazy-ville, like scare-the bejeezers-out-of-you crazyville. So we kept trying for a few more weeks until my oh-so wise friends, Megan and Kris, both told me that switching, if I wanted to, was TOTALLY OKAY. And it might actually be a good thing. At the time not only was I stressed about him having a hard time eating I was completely overwhelmed with fear and worry that what happened that night would happen again. It was a really hard time. They both said that if switching would take any pressure off then I shouldn't hesitate. So at eight weeks we switched to formula and haven't looked back.

And guess what - it's great!! He's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy. Ever since he's been gaining weight like a champ and hasn't been sick other than a little cough a few weeks ago. I completely understand the benefits of breast feeding and plan to try again next time, but if it isn't a good experience for anyone involved I am 100% pro-formula. I had no idea there were so many opinions out there. I've just decided to follow some great advice I got at one of my showers - YOUR way is the RIGHT way. :)


Kate and Zach said...

Hi Tyan-
I am a friend of Emily Gunnels and Kelly Smith and found your blog through them. Your photography is really beautiful, by the way! I am 37 weeks pregnant and plan on breastfeeding too, but it's so good to hear someone not be so intense about it! It definitely puts me at ease :) Thanks for that!

Sharstin said...

I cannot believe your little guy is 4 months all ready! crazy! they grow and change so fast. I tried the whole breast feeding thing with caleb and Z, and it never worked out~ i felt so guilty switching to formula at first. But it is so true that you just have to do what is best for you!

PILCHERS said...

LOL!! This had me laughing...because there are folks out there that are die hard breastfeeding and will give you the "right" act if you don't do it too...your little man is precious!

Bekah said...

I can totally relate with the breast feeding. I had the BEST intentions for breastfeeding but I feel like no one told me how hard it was going to be! My milk didn't come in for 7 days-- SEVEN! Then I was having postpartum for a couple weeks and then I developed thrush. On top of that she had an allergy to the protein in milk so all the milk I was drinking was hurting her stomach (which I didn't find out till we tried a few different formulas). So breast feedings was a no go for me. I felt horrible about it and felt like a bad mother but in the end it worked out. She is 7 months old and happy as can be. (ha, sorry that was so long.)

Meghan Huntsman said...

Amen to that! I support you 110%. Breastfeeding isn't all. I was fortuante enough to not have any problems with it, but I always tell people that if I did, I was not going to kill myself over the stress of "not breastfeeding" and just switch to formula. Little B is such a handsome little guy by the way. Such a darling little family.

Molly said...

Good job Momma! Its not like you would do anything that wold ever hurt him for heavens sake! You just keep being the best mommy you can. He is a little gem!!

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