Friday, April 16, 2010

Is my hair on fire?

I feel like the past two weeks have been a complete blur! A crazy, happy, busy, tired, wonderful blur. Welcome to parenthood I guess.

Latest happenings:

Brody insisting on sitting up before rolling over
Rice cereal and applesauce
Back on schedule
Sessions, sessions, and more sessions (now booking for July/August)
Sleeping 11 hours a night (Brody, not me)
Getting excited for vacation
Brody's first swim suit
Baby season (my sister and friends are all expecting!)

We call Brody the ninja barfer. No burps, no fuss, no warning. You'll be holding him and he's smiling and laughing then BAM. Hits you like a ninja. Hence the laundry.

I've been getting a lot of questions about what has been working for us as far as Brody's schedule so a post on that is coming soon.

I also need to put up more pictures! He is getting so big. For now, here's one from a recent engagement session with the most gorgeous couple. Seriously. How is this fair.



Sierra & Ryan said...

"ninja barfer" haha! I remember that very first time I held him, such a cute little baby, and then BARF all over me. Still love at first sight :)

Lindsey said...

We (my whole department) want to see more pictures of this beautiful couple!

B'Sloan said...


Miss you much.

I'm starting my next album...look up Puntin and B'Sloan and see our professional videos for our recent album released on April 2!! But back to my next album...I will be scheduling my next big photoshoot with you, so look out for me!


Em said...

At a glance that looks like it could be a Twilight poster! Jacob, of course. :) Beautiful!

Mrs. Beer said...

What a beautiful couple. Great pictures!

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