Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Self Portrait


I know these are 100% out of focus, turns out I'm not so great at using the self timer on my camera. But I almost kind of like them better than if they were in focus. Tara Whitney calls them "inbetweens", in my case they were a happy accident that, turns out, depict everything perfectly. I was putting Brody down for a nap and it was just him and me, being still.  There's just nothing in the whole world that can make you feel as loved as a soft little baby cheek on yours as they fall asleep. It's my favorite thing.



Sierra & Ryan said...

These pictures are incredible! I feel like focus is perfect for the setting, it makes the whole picture feel peaceful, serene, and almost as if this is how he sees before he drifts to sleep.

Molly said...

my favorite too! being a mom is the best! we are so lucky!

Kendra said...

I really love them!

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