Friday, September 24, 2010

What is it with this kid and the fridge?


And the dishwasher, the trash can, the printer (he can just now reach). Basically anything that's not a toy he wants to play with. Toys do not interest him at the moment. But as soon as he hears the dishwasher door open he is hauling it from wherever he is in the house with his cute little janky leg crawl.

He started crawling between six and seven months with one leg up, foot flat on the floor, and the other leg bent like a normal crawl. He uses the leg that's up to launch himself forward and then the other leg scoots along like normal. He looks like a little pirate with a peg leg. Lately he's started putting both feet flat on the ground with his bum in the air like a little silver back. It is hilarious.

So usually I have about three seconds to throw something in the dishwasher before he's trying to pull the door down and grab the forks. And if the door is already down he's crawling on it trying to get inside. I think I didn't appreciate the sitting-up-but-not-yet-crawling-stage enough. And now that he's standing up and trying to take steps I'm realizing that life as I know it is over and the house has probably not seen the worst of the messes. I'm just glad he hasn't figured out how to take his diaper off yet, haha. Oh, I dread the day.


I have no idea where he learned how to do this. Okay, I do. Or I thought that I did. I thought "Okay, he's seen me have one every now and then. Or every day. So he's just copying what I do." But he seems a little too excited, no?

Sometime after that is when l I saw Jared GIVING HIM A SIP. Oh no, no, no, nu uh, no way did I just see that. Now I know who the culprit is here. He has his daddy wrapped around his little finger.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is just the beginning.

PS - I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of your sweet comments and messages about the previous post. To be honest I was really hesitant about putting it up and worried that it wouldn't come across the way I had intended. So thank you, it's awesome to know that we're all in this together. Perfectly imperfect.


Em said...

No fear-not every baby takes their own diaper off. I've heard some horror stories but never experienced it (thank heavens). Glad to see you have some sweet nectar around that house. You give that sweet boy whatever he wants! Heck, my mom put diet coke in our sippy cups and we are all (somewhat) normal!!! Love his lips-so curvy!!!

Ramsey said...

I'm totally blog stalking you and now I'm craving Diet Dr. Pepper. That and I wish the lens to my camera wasn't broken. haha!

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