Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pregnancy Envy

Pregnancy does not look good on me. I'm not one of those people who glow or seem more at peace while pregnant. I'm not a fan. Especially during the first trimester. My skin is breaking out, my digestive system is rebelling against me in every way possible, if I could forever surrender my sense of smell I would, and I'm ready for bed by 6pm pretty much every day. This is me whining.

But the good thing is that I'm blessed with examples of perfect pregnancies and parenting all around me. Maybe there's hope.

Exhibit A: my sister Melissa.


Tall. Beautiful. Did pilates multiple times a week throughout her entire pregnancy. Her labor was maybe, mmmmm,  6 hours start to finish? We call her Mrs. Duggar because apparently her body was made for this.  If only I could hire her as a surrogate. That might be weird.

Exhibit B: my sister Kellye.

Also tall, gorgeous, very zen. Very at one with her pregnancy, and not sick one day. She definitely has the glow for sure. She's such a good mom and always so calm. If she wanted to raise kids professionally she totally could. I would hire her, she would be hired.

And Exhibit C: my sister Paige.

Not pregnant, but tiny and so pretty. She's pretty much a miniature person. And I'm sure she'll be a miniature pregnant person (which are the worst kind). Her jeans will fit until she's 8 months, I'm sure of it. She's moving to London next week so I'm going to live the jet setting, skinny jean & scarf wearing life vicariously through her.

Having sisters who are pretty much perfection is a blessing and a curse I think. It gives me hope that maybe, if I ever get pregnant again (I will need a serious pep talk), just maybe I won't want to die. Or I won't look like I want to die. I'll take one out of two!

Okay, I'm done whining now. :)


Kate said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up! Your sisters ARE absolutely stunning, but you my dear, belong with them on that list. I remember your Brody preggo photos from this blog, and I am pretty sure you are beautfiul!!

I am not a fan of pregnancy either, though. I told Zach last night if we had wanted our kids to be 2 years apart, I'd have to be pregnant now. And I have no desire at this moment. Phew! I hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to see you and your gorgeous pregnant self. I hope soon!

love to you and yours!

B'Sloan said...

It's hard to tell that your glowing...WHEN YOU GLOW ALL THE TIME. You're stunning!! MUAH!!

Loralee said...

A wonderful pregnancy is a lie well told. . . but yes, you and your sisters are pretty much perfect. As for you feeling "not so much"? Whom, do you think, was it that set the precedent?

No doubt we EARN our little nuggets :-) It's a good thing they're so cute.

The Torres Family said...

I've never met your sisters, except for Kellye once, but I do seem to remember one extraordinary and absolutely stunning pregnant photographer rolling around in the grass on a steamy, muggy August morning taking pictures of our family. That's 4 little kiddos plus us parents trying to keep up with them. I couldn't believe how incredible you were, afterall, I had gone through pregnancy 4 times already! There's no way I'd be on the ground at 7/8 months pregnant, let alone out in the HOT Texas heat! Now I'm nearing the end of my 5th and probably last pregnancy, and still wishing I was as cute as you! I also have the worst times in the 1st trimester, can't work out after that, and end up with gigantic babies in the end...that's just a clue as to how large my body gets (not just my tummy)! I'm surprised I will have 5 children, but I know it has ALL been worth it. I just wanted to pipe in and say that you can do it! Us women get pretty tough on ourselves, but once you see that precious little boy you have already and another little one on the way, everything seems so much brighter. You are absolutely beautiful in every way!

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