Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi Derrick!


There are lots of oil derricks in Texas, especially in East Texas where I'm from. When I was little every time I would see one I would wave at it and say "Hi Derrick!" like it was my friend. My mom says that she would always hear me from the back seat - "Hi Derrick!", "Hi Derrick!", "Hi Derrick!". I've just always loved them!

So on the way home from a shoot the other day Marissa and I jumped out of the car to get these. An oil derrick and a Texas sunset - you just can't beat that.



Marissa said...

Cool! I like how you exposed the sunset. Awesome pic.

Sharstin said...

those are awesome!--and I have to give a shout out to jared--happy Belated birthday..and the cake was killer..(literally)..

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