Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almost 4 months

Where are you bean?


There you are!!!


It's a little baby bump! (I don't know why I look mad in this picture, I think it just felt weird standing in that pose for the first time. Or maybe it was that I was about to go to the gym and cripple myself, I dread legs day)

It is so crazy that there is a little person in there! In a couple days it will be officially 4 months so it's all about to get really real! We don't get to find out the sex until early July and we are both dying to know, I can't start shopping until I know! Everything has been going really smoothly though - the morning sickness is long gone, I am no longer on a potato-only diet, my bedtime is back to normal (or close to it), I can go to the gym again, and I don't feel like I want to die anymore!! Hooray!!

My skin is still going a little crazy, I guess it's not liking all the hormones. But other than that things are pretty great! As far as clothes go my pants are getting a little snug these days. Everything except a few things still fit fine but they're just not as comfortable, you know? I'm in that weird in between phase of "fat or pregnant?" That's what I feel like people ask themselves when they see me, and how it totally feels with a little bump. But I guess soon enough it will be a big bump and people can guess for themselves!

It has been really fun though, we went to Tyler for the Memorial Day weekend and had such a blast. My mom is crocheting it up already and has so many cute hats and little things made, all in pink and blue just to be safe! It's so cute, love you mom! The girls got to relax while the boys worked on a fun project that turned into a three day ordeal - putting a basketball goal on the tennis court. Sounds easy enough until they found out they needed almost 1,000 lbs of concrete, sledge hammers, and some serious skills. But at the end of the weekend they were shooting hoops with some sweet farmer tans.

Speaking of SPF this is me the same day as the pictures above - I thought it would be fun to go to the noon....for two hours.....and put baby oil on with reckless abandon. Let this be a warning to us all.




Charlene said...

Wait until you see your baby for the first time after she or he is are going to think, "Weird! There was a person in my body!!!" It is too bizarre!! (In a good way!)

Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

AH NO!!! You sunburn so much worse when you are pregnant!! I am so sorry! I learned that the hard way too! I NEVER burn but last year in Destin I got burned so bad that I couldn't move for 3 days! I'm in pain for you...

You look so pretty with your little baby bump (even though I CAN NOT see are stinkin skinny still!!) It's exciting!!!! Do you guys have names picked out?

megan said...

Fat or pregnant? Give me a break - you must mean hot or even hotter... especially with the ridiculous burn - ouch!

Misty said...

We are moving back to Tyler-so maybe I get to see that baby bump in person!

Molly said...

i am sorry no one told you you burn very easily when you are pregnant!!! ouchie!!

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