Thursday, June 18, 2009

The best day!


Last Thursday I was scheduled to have my 16 week appointment with my OB, I didn't think I was scheduled for a sonogram since they told me last time that they don't check for gender until 20 weeks. Torture! Jared has been with me to all of my appointments since finding out but he couldn't make this one because of some work meetings, so I called my mom and asked if she wanted to come up, celebrate her birthday here, and go to my doctor's appointment with me! And she said yes! She suggested that I call the doctor and ask if I could have one since I haven't seen the little bean since my 6 week appointment, and they said yes too!!

I've heard that sometimes they can tell at 16 weeks if the baby is in the right position so we just crossed our fingers and hoped! Jared was dying of course, I didn't want to find out without him, so I asked the ultrasound lady if I could close my eyes when she looked and if she could tell she would put it in an envelope that we could open later. It was so surreal during the ultrasound to see all the little features, it looks like a human now! It was so, so awesome. And it was really fun to have my mom with me getting to see it all too.

He was moving around like crazy too! My aunt, Deanna, is due in August and when she went in for her ultrasound the doctor said to eat a candy bar beforehand so the baby would be moving around (from the sugar). That makes it where you can see everything and get a good view. And it works! He was sucking his little mouth and moving his arms and legs, I'll put the ultrasound pictures up when I scan them. It was so amazing!!

So when Jared called and I told him I had an envelope he raced to meet us at home and open it! I'm pretty sure he could have been an extra in Braveheart with the scream he let out when we read it's a boy! It was so awesome!!

I look like I'm about to bite him. Scary.



Then we went out to lunch with my mom and Kellye to celebrate the fun news! I love these, they crack me up.






Misty said...

Wonderful Blog! You have such a wonderful family!

Lori said...

Love the "teeth check" sequence! Such a fun day!

Katherine said...

congrats on the boy! That's great you found out early!

Rebecca Boilini said...

I'm so excited for Jared and you! I remember when we were kids and he was always fun to be around. You will both make fabulous parents!

Em said...

You are so good about capturing these special moments that most people don't think to capture!

Such beautiful ladies in that family! Did Kellye cut her hair? It looks cute!

Kris said...

WOW -- you SO look like your mom! Congratulations -- is the little bean actually showing up as a bump finally?

Cute sweater, too!

Britney said...

haha! I have an aunt named Deanna who was due a couple months before me too! True story.

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