Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Grande Soy Hot Chocolate w/ Sugar Free Hazelnut, No Whip... AND FAST!"


I say this at least twice a week now, and every night in my sleep. This is a problem. Up until about three weeks ago the only serious cravings I had were in the first trimester (still finding pieces of potato casserole in my eyelashes). Then I was pretty much back to normal, don't get me wrong I can go for a Chipotle Salad Bowl at any time of day really but I wasn't sending Jared out in the middle of the night or anything. Okay, just once.

And although Brody's cheeks look like I've been scarfing candy bars left and right I've been trying to keep it pretty healthy, until the GSHCWSFHNW, that is. (nice acronym, huh?)

I was flying to Tyler for the weekend and right in front of my gate there was a Starbucks. I hadn't had one of their hot chocolates in forever so I decided to grab one while I waited. As soon as I sat down and took a sip it was all over. I picture Brody saying "Where has this been all my life!? You've been holding out on me???!!!" Now he demands it. In record breaking 95 degree weather and suffocating humidity during a walk outside he yells - "Hey Lady! GSHCWSFHNW...... PRONTO!!".

So hopefully I can keep it under control for the next few weeks, I guess it would help if I removed the Starbucks Finder App on my phone.


JaLynne said...

I think your Christmas Starbucks Gift Card was either a really bad idea or pure wonderfulness. Time will tell. We'll see if Brody is an addict. ha ha

Misty said...

LOVE It!!!!

megan said...

I <3 those too. Do hearts work on here?

megan said...


Miriam said...

I am so stinkin excited for you girl!!! Get ready to fall in love with another man. Good luck with it all.

Lindsey said...

your mom said "wonderfulness"

I love her.

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