Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jared's Man Trip

The day after we got home from Destin Jared flew to Utah to spend a few days with his uncle and brother as a graduation gift from his parents. Looking into his suitcase as he packed for this trip was hilarious. Ripped jeans - check. Unnecessarily large hunting knife - check. Camo boots - check. Unknown number of other camo objects - check and check. He was so excited to hang out with the boys and conquer the great outdoors on their camping trip.


Of course, I was excited for him to go but also nervous that he would come home with broken bones and/or several near death experience stories. I've learned to expect these things when he's around mountains, vertical cliffs, or pretty much any male friends/relatives. He just loves adventure and channels his inner Bear Grylls whenever possible.


So when he got home and told me about the camping trip and how safe and careful they were I was so relieved! And happy he had a fun time, of course, but more relieved than anything!

Then he slipped in the comment "And since the road was closed on the way back we just hopped on the side of an 18-wheeler headed that way and rode with him down the mountain." Um....I'm sorry, did you just say you HITCHHIKED and RODE ON THE OUTSIDE SKIDS of an 18-WHEELER FOR 15 MILES!! Is that what you just said!?

So I'm glad my hitchhiking husband made it home in one piece this time. I think I might need to go on these little adventures in the future. :)




Marissa said...

Ahh!!! I wish I lived near some mountains...

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