Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 1

This was my view as we flew from Houston to Costa Rica. Volcano!


We've flown with Brody a few times and have had really good luck, this time he was a little more squirmy and ready to get there. So there were lots of goldfish, lots of iPad, and lots of Hulk.


When we landed it was the craziest thing. I don't think I've exited a normal 747 onto the tarmac before, and I know for sure I've never waited for customs and baggage claim in a giant open air shed before. And I liked it! So did Landry. :)


What was also surprising (I think I should have expected) was that it was hot. Like HOT hot. I mean Texas in mid-January isn't super cold, I think we were in the 40's, but going from that to 80 is a jump. Needless to say we were all ready to bust out the swimsuits in the airport parking lot, especially since our driver was a tad late.


Honey keeping Brody entertained. (see his red little cheeks!? It was hot! Hence the no pants.)


Now daddy's turn.


Will chatting it up with the driver. Will got back from serving his mission in Chile last fall so he was our resident translator. Thank goodness for Will!!


Monkeys!!! On the side of the road right before we got to the house.


Our home for the week. Melissa, travel agent extraordinaire, found the perfect place. If anyone needs help booking straight up awesomeness give her a call, she can do no wrong.


Ahhhh, the light. Every afternoon there was this warm golden glow coming from the ocean through the trees. I wanted to bottle it and bring it back with me.


Landry and Jason both worn out from the trip.


Things that initially surprised me when we got there: it's the jungle, for real! Monkeys, giant bugs, huge trees and plants, amazing colors, and crazy looking birds - real jungle. Another thing - we didn't meet one rude or impatient person the entire time. Everyone is SO NICE. The town we stayed in is SUPER small so everyone knows everyone - the lady who owned the surf shop was also our excursion arranger, tour guide, masseuse, and emergency medical contact (which we actually needed when my mom got an ulcer on the inside of her eyelid day 4 - yikes!). No worries, she got some good drugs and woke up feeling better.

I didn't know what to expect when we got there but I immediately fell in love with everything about Costa Rica - the people, the food, the weather, and that LIGHT! Oh, that light.



Sharstin said...

oh wow! looks amazing there! and that light is flippin fantastic~can't wait to see more of your fab trip

Meghan Huntsman said...

So fun! What beautiful pictures! Peter and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon..LOVED IT! Do you remember what city you flew into? I am pretty positive that is the same "open airport" we came and went from. We stayed on Peninsula Papagayo...oh how I miss it!

mj said...

wow. amazing. i love the pictures. and that house really does look amazing.

Misty said...

How fun! Your mom said it was a WONDERFUL trip!

shelby said...

Give me more!!!!
you are making me want to book a trip there for next week!! LOVE the pics! LOVE the Monkeys!

Ryan and Rikke said...

I am so envious of your trip! Can I please be included in your family vacations? Please keep the pictures coming! Isn't it just gorgeous there? Ryan and I loved it! And although we had a great time, for some reason it looks so much better through your eyes...

Sierra & Ryan said...

I can't believe this is only day one! I can't wait for the rest of the days! Because of your amazing pictures I just spent most of my work day (oops) exploring vacation spots in Costa Rica. But I think I may have to live vicariously through your photos ;-)

Em said...

I want to go to there.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

So far.... AMAZING! So jealous!

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