Monday, February 21, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 2


I told you the bugs were huge. HUGE. These grasshoppers disappeared during the day but at night 5 or 6 of them would show up on the windows and scare the crap out of us. They were literally as big as your head. We were eating outside one night and one flew right into Kellye's hair, we all ran into the house screaming. The ladies that cooked for us were getting a kick out of it, then proceeded to tell us that the same thing happened to another girl but a barb from it's leg flew into her eye. WHAT!? We ate inside the next night. :)


Day 2 was mostly a pool/beach day - relaxing, hanging out, getting used to wearing a swimsuit in the middle of winter. I packed a bunch of swim trunks for Brody but when we saw this little wet suit at the surf shop we knew it was the perfect thing! I mean, putting sunscreen on Jared is an ordeal in itself, trying to wrestle two boys that don't want anything to do with it? Forget it! Next year I'm getting Jared a matching one.





Nothing too exciting, I love those kind of days. No watch, no schedule, no makeup. (maybe could have used a little makeup :)




Brody's thing lately is that he's WAY more interested in anything that is not a toy vs. actual toys. Cup in the pool? Huge hit. Empty (I swear it was empty) can of Coke Light = major fun. This kid is weird, but I love him.


Especially his chubby feet. He could sit and splash all day if we let him.


So the house that Melissa found was perfect for us. It actually was a boutique hotel that someone turned into a rental house. There was the main part of the house when you walk in - living area, kitchen, dining area - then a main large bedroom upstairs. On each side of the house were two separate rooms, four total, with their own bathrooms and deck that connected to the pool. This made it nice since we're such a big bunch, especially when it came to nap time for Brody. Put him in the pack-n-play and sit on the deck and read a magazine. Tanning during nap time - yes, please!!

The only interesting thing about the house was......the pit. I'm assuming at one point it was some kind of central fireplace for the hotel but the current owners decided to make it a seating area, that we affectionately named and created a gang sign for. So here we are in the pit, keepin' it real.


Pretty much every day ended down at the beach.



Lindsey said...

Lovely my sweet- and happy birthday to J-love.

shelby said...

ah finally . . . more Costa Rica pics!!!! LOVE THEM!!

mollymetcalfphotography said...

Why didn't you pack me in your suitcase?? WAH!! Looks gorgeous out there. We might have to go there! I'll have Melissa book it! :)

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