Thursday, October 27, 2011


That's how Brody says "jumping", but it's more like Bumeee, BUmeee, BUMMEEEEEEEEE MOMMY! I'm kind of glad the guest room is pretty much an unfinished box with a bed in it right now, it's the perfect place to bumeee.


I can't decide whether he looks more like Dennis the Menace or Draco Malfoy.


At least this keeps him busy for at least 5 minutes. At what age does "high energy" become "needs medication"?? Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

But really he's getting to that really fun age where he kind of listens to what I say or ask and answers back. He's my little buddy. He LOVES turning on music in the kitchen and having dance offs. His two favorite songs right now are Baby by Justin Bieber and Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. He sings along to both of them and it's to die for cute. We have a few of his funnier ones on You Tube, you can check them out --> here.

We find out what baby #2 is in two weeks, let's all hope for a calm, sweet little girl. Mmmmm K? Actually another little boy would be fun, Brody could have a partner in crime. So it will be good either way. My sister, Kellye, is due three weeks after me and they are having a girl!! (Their doctor does a Jack and Jill blood test and mine doesn't, boo) So either way we will have a little girl to play dress up with. :)

For now, I'll be running after this little maniac. Well, I guess he is kinda cute.



donya said...

Dennis the menace for sure!! He's a cutie though. I'm dreaming of a sweet, quiet girl someday too, but for now I'm in LOVE with my energetic boy. :)

(lol, my word verification below is 'fartio' which is perfect for a little boy post like this!)

Kelly said...

UMM? Where did you BABY go?! He is definitely a little boy now and so precious! One of the most precious boys I have ever seen! Can't wait to hear what you are having. We are having another GIRL in March!

Alana said...

holy dennis the menace! before i even read any of this post... i was like- whoah! the resemblance right there.... it is uncanny! such a cute little kid! excited to see what the next one is gunna look like :)

Sierra & Ryan said...

These pictures are great! I can totally imagine him jumping on the bed yelling BUMEE! He looks like such a little boy in those pictures, I can't believe the baby is gone! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

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