Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brody Nook Makeover

So there's this little corner in our kitchen area that is the perfect size/location for a Brody coloring, playdough, snack time nook. I go to thrift stores every couple of weeks just to see if anything speaks to me, and on one lucky trip I got everything I needed for the Brody nook. For under 50 bucks!

Here's the breakdown:

Mini pedestal table: $20
Two brown mystery material stools: $16 for the pair
Hideous framed print: $10
Grand total: $46


I was really excited to find the pedestal table since it is solid wood and looks classic and sturdy. The other two finds definitely got some raised eyebrows from Jared's direction. (which always makes me more excited to show him the finished product)

So I sanded and painted the table and frame Benjamin Moore's Decorator White, took the glass and print out of the frame and tossed them, painted the wooden backing of the frame with chalkboard paint, and made slipcovers for the little stools. Super easy and super durable space that we use every day. Most of the time he sits there to eat lunch and snack, it's a perfect kids table when we have friends over, and all of his crayons/papers/etc. are corralled above on two Ikea shelves.

I've since made new slipcovers for the stools and love that when I get sick of them too I can just slap on some new ones!


Alana said...

That is a genious idea! I have been looking for a little table or picnic table thing forever an don't wanna spend a lot. Good work!!!

shelby said...

LOVE it!! I found this huge, framed ugly picture on the side of the road (ok I realize this makes me sound like a homeless little scrounger) :) but anyway, I took it b/c I had visions of something crafty . . . this post totally inspired me to paint the frame (its currently Gold), toss the pic and glass and make it a chalkboard for Gray's room! So thank you SO SO much!!

DNAgallows said...

Beautifully done! What a good eye! I too have forever been on the hunt for a little table for the kiddos. I love it! I hope you don't mind...I pinned your post. I hope all is well! Wish we were closer...we are over due for some family pics. If we are going to replace our pics, they have to be just as good.

Gigi said...

You are so talented! I loved it. Extreme makeover without the extreme price label.

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