Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Italy is my favoritist place ever

My street! Ours is the first door on the left, it was an old convent that was converted into a mini campus for the study abroad students.

This is the hallway on the first floor, at the end on the right was the computer room where I emailed my family and Jared about the latest adventures. On the left was the courtyard in the picture below.

Everyday I would come down the hallway (above) , turn left and come down the staircase on the right side of the courtyard (left) , counting my blessings with every step...

I just don't know of very many places where you see things like this around every corner - it really is as beautiful as all of the postcards.

One of my most valuable and rewarding experiences in college was without a doubt studying abroad in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy the summer before my senior year. I always have had a fascination with Italy and when I found out that I was going to spend almost two months there it was more than a dream come true.

There were several interesting things that I learned while I was there - gelato is the food of the gods, wine is free but water costs money (not cool for one of the only non-drinkers in the group!), exactly how severe my shopping problem is, that Olive Garden is not real italian food, and that somehow I was born on the wrong continent. I really fell in love with absolutely everything and can't wait to go back with Jared and my family someday. Lindsey, my roomate and partner in crime there, and I joked around about buying a villa together and getting our husbands to fix it up - we then proceeded to look for villas in every town that we visited and discovered that even the average ones are insanely expensive. Good thing Jared knows how to fix just about anything...

Where have you always wanted to go? or where have you been that has you dying to go back?


Russell Brewer said...

That's why you are way cool!!

Nick said...

Italy would be a great place to go back to, but I want to see Spain, France and Japan first. Though, England does have far less of a language barrier... :P

Lindsey said...


"I would be a brick layer in Italy"

Margaux's World said...

OH Tyan -- I studied in Castiglione as well!! I LOVED IT!!!! So much fun!

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