Friday, June 29, 2007

You need this...

because it 100% works - for real.

I am almost certain that the gravitational pull right in front of my mouth is at least ..... 7 times stronger than normal - so when food gets near it, without fail, it falls right off the fork/spoon/toothpick/chopstick down the front of whatever I'm wearing. This has been a big problem for me (and my wardrobe), but this little pen has changed my life!

Just today, at lunch, I was eating some fresh cherries and a piece fell right on the "tray area" of my clean white shirt. Cherry juice + white shirt usually means minor freak out, find different white shirt, bleach cherry stained white shirt, go back to work and explain why I'm wearing a different shirt, bleach shirt again, mourn the loss of favorite white shirt with permanent faint red stain. But today I got in the car to go back to work (with no backup shirt - that's how much faith I have in this thing!), grabbed my pen and scribbled a little on the stain and by the time I'm in the parking lot it has dissappeared and the wetness of the pen has dried - AMAZING!

It says on the pen that it is best used on "fresh stains" however, I used it on the mascara mark that has been on my car visor for at least 6 months and the butter stain on my favorite J.Crew tee and both were gone in less than 5 minutes .... it's so exciting to me!! I'm thinking it's a great gift idea for new moms, new college students, all of the laundry impaired, and basically anyone who wears clothes.

( I swear they're not paying me, I'm just that excited )

Is there any product that suprised you because it works and you love it? My mom recently discovered this fantastic chopper that she swears by - what are your favorite finds?


Lindsey said...

I love tide pens. LOVE THEM!

Beware, use them in a timely fashion. The felt tip breaks easily if it sits for too long.

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