Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is it all just a little too much?

Today, I was sitting in the doctor's office next to what I guessed to be a grandma, a fairly new mom, and her young daughter, . Everyone was quiet waiting to be seen, including the little toddler. She was so cute and was making lots of faces when the grandma commented to her daughter, "You'd better tell her to stop doing that or she's going to need Botox pretty soon." I'm sure she was kidding but still I was still slightly disturbed.

It made me wonder - How many three and four year old girls know how to say Botox? Probably more than we want to believe. What's even more scary to think about is how many teenage girls think about getting Botox the same way they do their driver's license or college degree - that it is the norm, almost expected once you reach a certain age.

At 25, I am the oldest of my three sisters, the youngest is 18. Our mom is a gorgeous southern woman (with great skin) who has done a great job of raising four daughters with no major self esteem issues to report, a feat in itself in today's society. We all use sunscreen, moisturizer, and anti-wrinkle creams pretty religiously which isn't out of the ordinary for those our age - but when does it get to be a little too much, or is it already?

As a 15 yr old at the beach I never worried about getting wrinkles from squinting all day, I put on sunscreen because I didn't want to deal with pain and peeling, not to because I imagined skin cancer to be one sunburn away, and I put on moisturizer at night because it felt good on my face, not because I was watching for the first sign of wrinkles like a hawk. Is that still the case for 15 yr. olds today? Doubt it.

Why is wrinkle a "four letter word" these days? And why are little girls being told to "be careful or you'll need Botox pretty soon"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against fully grown women doing whatever they want to make themselves feel better, I'm just very against giving a child a complex about how they look before they're old enough use a fork, or drive for that matter.

Interesting video showing just how crazy the media is about portraying "beauty", check it out.


Nick said...

It's not just girls, either. I am terrified of wrinkles and getting old. I mean, not to the point of neurosis, but I definitely think Botox is something I'll get and I take way better care of my skin than anyone male and my age ever has in the past. Our society is nuts.

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