Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why didn't I think of this?

Scene: Getting ready to go out, I'm wearing a fitted top with jeans that don't fit perfectly in the waist so also wearing a belt (to avoid saggy jeans and the aforementioned risk of "overexposure")

Tyan: "I hate belts! Why don't my jeans just fit so I won't have to wear one and look stupid!?"

Jared: "Everyone will totally know that's a belt, maybe tuck your shirt in and it will look better."

Tyan: "Can't, not one of those shirts that can be tucked in without looking like I'm in 8th grade, or in a rodeo, or in a fashion nightmare."

Two days later I'm reading my favorite Glamour blog and discovered this little lovely!

It's called an "Isabelt" (I would have called it an "Invisabelt" but hey, I'm not the genius that created it) It's a clear, flat belt that allows you to wear a long top without having the weird "belt bulge" from a regular belt, but still keeping your pants where they should be! Genius!

If your belt is going to be seen, please, where a regular belt (in the same vein - those clear plastic brastraps aren't fooling anyone, we still see them tacky mctackerson). But if you're wearing a longer shirt and want everything to be smooth, pick up one of these here - and thank me later.


mike & megan said...

SWEEET! Tyan - you will be my connection to the single girl world. I have thoroughly "let myself go"....I haven't painted my toenails or given myself a facial in a long long time...

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