Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Project" Saturdays

Saturdays for me equal sleeping late, catching a pilates class (if I wake up on time), reading some magazines, maybe perusing the mall for a bit, and then doing something fun that night after a day of relaxing to the max. That is until Jared and I got married and I discovered that Saturdays are for projects and sweating and getting things done, a Jacox tradition I've been told.

Since we had company coming in this weekend it seemed to be Super Project Saturday - cleaning everything in the house and "touching up some paint in the bathroom", which turned into painting everything that is white, well, whiter. It took a good six hours or so (I did sneak in a little nap in the afternoon during "mopping time") but I must say it feels good to look around and see everything spic and span.

I definitely married the hardest working man I know, and while I didn't bank on Saturdays being as busy as they are, I'm sure thankful for the end result - and that Sundays are for napping!

Our clean kitchen!

Jared striking his manly cleaning pose...

All done.

Headed out for a date after a long day.


mike & megan said...

I married one of those too - and boy is that lesson a hard one to learn. I guess it's worth it....just kidding...i love how clean my house is after a saturday of husband hell raising!

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