Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Foot Duvets changed my life

My parents gave Jared and I foot duvets in our stockings for Christmas and I'm in love. They look a little like moon boots but when you put them on you won't care what they look like, I promise.

My feet are always cold, ALWAYS! We have a zillion blankets around the house but I still end up shoving my cold toes under Jared's leg to try and warm them up, he loves it as you can imagine. In bed it's the worst! I am always trying to find his feet to mooch some of the warmth, he loves this even more.

So these are my new favorite must-haves. I wear them around the house and even in bed if it's really cold. I've seen some without the furry lining but I prefer them with the fur, they are so soft it makes you want a whole bodysuit made of it. I would totally rock that.


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