Monday, January 21, 2008

Ode to Troy Aikman...

While watching Monday night football when I was little I developed a crush on the beautiful Troy Aikman. In all of my 10 years on this earth I had never seen anyone more handsome or wonderful than Troy. I used to actually think that I would grow up, meet him, and we would get married.

Jared thinks it's hilarious and gives me a hard time whenever there's a football game on that Troy Aikman is announcing. A while back, probably around the same time as the baseball card discovery, Jared found an actual plaque that he had with Troy Aikman's picture and name engraved on it. We joked around about actually hanging it in a hallway somewhere, that would have been pretty awesome.

While I'm confessing my embarassing elementary/middle school crushes I might as well admit that Andrew Keegan was pretty up there as well. Remember him? He made a few appearances in 80's/90's classics like Full House, Step by Step, and 7th Heaven.

I even remember writing him a letter once that was something like

"Dear Andrew,
Hi! My name is Tyan Murray and I'm eleven. I think you're a really cool guy and really funny, we should hang out sometime. Don't worry, I'm not one of those crazy fans, I'm just a normal girl but really fun."

Yikes, I don't think that it ever made it in the mail since I didn't have his address and I didn't really know how stamps worked. Wouldn't you be in love with that jean jacket/vest/women's belt combo too?!!


Ryan and Marissa said...

I stand by my original statement, ever since I was a little boy aspiring to be a pro football player, something didn't add up about Troy Aikman. I now realize my gaydar was warrning me that Troy might very well "rope on the other side of the fence"...


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