Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Love

We're back! I'll have an update on our spring break happenings later this week with pictures and what not but we had such a great time! New York was amazing (minus the most near death experience I've ever had, I'll explain later) and we had great weather. Then we hung out in Houston for a few days that was awesome as well.

We had to leave Chauncey home by himself all week while we were gone so we put him upstairs for the week and had friends check on him (thanks friends!). Chauncey has a history of getting an attitude when he's left alone for too long and when that happens he usually rebells in some kind of non-litterbox-using way. So we have to confine him to a certain area while he's left alone or he just goes nuts.

He also hates my guts. He absolutely can't get enough of Jared, but will have nothing to do with me. This is par for the course I guess, I wanted a kitten so bad so I could teach it to be cuddly and sit in my lap which Chauncey totally did when we first got him. Boy was I fooled. It wasn't two weeks later that he morphed into a total spaz cat that hates being around people, and heaven forbid if anyone wants to pet him - he's just not having it.

But I think while were were gone he figured out that I'm the one that wanted him in the first place, I clean his litter box, I feed him - he should love me dangit! I don't know if this change of heart will last but I hope it does, I don't know if I can take too much more rejection!


Ryan and Marissa said...

This is so funny. In every picture he is trying to get away from you. It should get better though, Smokey has come a LONG way since she was a kitten. She used to do the same thing, and now she is pretty cuddley (When Roxie is not around of course.)It should get better...it just might take a few years:):)

Britney said...

Those pictures of you trying to kiss him are HILARIOUS.

Serena said...

Tyan- Not sure if you remember me, but I am from Palestine and we were in the same stake (way back when!!). I was just checking out Julia Nixon's blog and saw your name on her list of friends. I've never known another person with that name so I was sure it was you! Hope things are going well for you. We (me and my husband Dave) are doing great- we just had our first baby! Woo-hoo! She is the cutest thing and we just love her so much. But before her, we only had our 2 cats, so I can appreciate your post about Chauncey!!

Melissa said...

SO cute :) I request a post about your #1 favorite pet, Molly!!

m. & m. said...

I love the profile one where he is totally trying to get away from you - it's classic! and your hair is beautiful in that last one!

loralee said...

Speaking as the former owner of Hitler-in-cat-form "Dallas" you're doing pretty well darlin. The good news is that schizo cats seem to have a lifespan 3 times as long as a regular cats so if you love Chauncey, it's a win win!

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