Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My little buddy

My friends, Mike and Megan, left yesterday to move to Utah where Mike got a great job. I'm really excited for them and their three cute boys, they'll get to have adventures in the mountains, go fishing, and not die of heat exhaustion in the process! But I have to say that I am sad, Megan is a great friend of mine and I've really bonded with Elijah, Andrew, and new baby Peter. They are the cutest bunch of boys.


Andrew is 3 and we were instant friends from the get go, he would stand out on the porch when I pulled up and yell "HI TYAMMMMM!". (The other day Megan said "He's sure going to be dissappointed when one day he realizes that your name's not Tyam.") He would show me all of his toys and rocks and drawings and movies. He sat right beside me at an Aggie baseball game and handed me popcorn one kernel at a time, noting each time "this is a good one!". I just love him!

Andrew-3 Andrew-4

I'll miss you guys!


Sharstin said...

cute little boy--and picts--did you take those? if so great work-- very cute

Tyan said...

yes, I took these. The funny part is he was jumping and jumping and jumping and then he laid down and said "I'm done." It was so funny.

The Armstrong's said...

yes, I am very serious about you taking my girls' pictures. Can we schedule this?

Tyan said...

Sure! Just send me an email and we can schedule something - . Thanks!

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