Friday, April 17, 2009

Spoke too soon...

I think I jinxed myself last week when writing the post about feeling great, it wasn't four hours later that I was speeding through the cracker isle at Kroger exhausted and nauseous. I felt like the checkout guy was mocking me when he asked how I was doing. I felt like saying "I'm buying thirteen boxes of crackers and all the chicken soup you have, I'll let you guess smarty pants" but I figured that was the hormones talking and just smiled instead.

So after frantic emails to my pregnant and formerly pregnant friends I found a few things that are definitely helping - thank goodness!!

  1. B-6 vitamins in the morning - total lifesaver!

  2. Small snacks throughout the day - not letting myself get too hungry.

  3. Sleep!!! I definitely feel like an old lady going to bed at 8:00 every night, but it's better than being sick!

  4. Having the best husband in the world - seriously, he could not be more supportive or helpful, and he loves to clean. I love him to pieces.


    *Example - The past couple of weeks I've been unapologetically going to bed at 8:00 which has been great for me, but not so great for Jared who usually stays up until 11:00 or so watching ESPN by himself and then walks my unconscious alter ego upstairs to bed. The past week or so he's been adjusting my blanket on the couch and wiping my face as I cry (because I'm a wimp) about being sick of being sick.

    So I sent him an email this morning about going to see a movie tomorrow (yay, something fun!) and this is what he wrote back: "Yes I do! Maybe the 11:30am showing seeing how that is your best time of day;) love you" Bless his heart, he knows that I'm likely to go downhill come 2:00 or 3:00.

  5. Good hair days - thanks Matt! Feeling blah is one thing, but feeling blah with bad hair is a completely different story.

  6. American Idol - not really sure how this one helps with morning sickness, I just love this show. Love Chris, love Danny Gokey. However I am not on the Adam train, has anyone else noticed that he sticks his tongue out when he sings the high notes. Creepy.

  7. Sophie - because she is always right by my side and so concerned.



    And she's the only one I know that needs more sleep than me, and she's beautiful, and she makes me laugh because she sits on everything like this -


So thanks to everyone for the advice and support! It's still a day to day thing so if anyone else has anything to add please feel free. And thanks to all of my clients for being so patient, I know sooner or later I will be able to sit in front of a computer longer than 15 minutes without wanting to die. This 15 minutes is up, peace.


Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

You probably know this one, but what saved me was taking my prenatal pills right before I went to bed. Those pills normal make prego's sick, so it helps to take them at night so you sleep through the sickness ;) I'm sorry you feel like poo. But believe me, when you see your baby for the first time you will forget EVERYTHING. I promise!! Congrats again!!!

Lori said...

My only advise and it's not really advice is that "Jacox" babies make you way sick...but it is worth it! Jared made me sickest of all but look how dang cute he turned out!! :-)So keep the crackers close...

Britney said...

You 2 are so photogenic! You look great even though you feel crappy! I didn't have terrible nausea when I was pregnant, but I still had a little. Keeping myself full seemed to help a lot even though nothing sounded good to me. I would usually just eat stuff even if it didnt sound good because I knew the sickness from eating it wouldn't be as bad as the sickness from having an empty stomach. It's funny, you probably can't imagine ever eating normally again at this point, but it doesn't last long, and then you'll want to eat everything!

Charlene said...

I feel your pain. I threw up every day (no kidding) for nine months during BOTH of my pregnancies. It's a good thing I wasn't working, because there is no way I could have kept a job. It was torture. Nothing helped! However, the minute I held my babies I wanted to do it all over again immediately!!!!!!! Just lay there and cry and know that I can feel your pain. It's actally a very good sign when you are means your body is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

megan said...

It is terrible, isn't it? I feel sooo sorry for myself when I'm pregnant. Just keep on crying and sleeping and eating those crackers. And Charlene is right - being sick was always comforting in a really crappy way.

But it will end - and we'll all be just as happy because we'll get to see all those beautiful photos you take of the newest Jacox.

Molly said...

im glad ur feeling a little better. ur the best! and your hubby is too apparently! :)

Sierra & Ryan said...

I wish I had some killer advice to give you to help you, but make sure you save all this advice so you can share it with me when I need it! I hope you are starting to feel better. We miss you!

Margaux's World said...

I hope you start feeling better. I was sick until 32 weeks, so I understand! Peppermints were a lifesaver for me. And that was about it.

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