Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh snap


This is a picture of heaven ladies and gentleman. HEAVEN! I have been needing, dreaming about, wanting, dying for all things potato this week - and what do you know that my mother-in-law happens to make THE BEST company potatoes on the face of the earth, there's no disputing this. She has been so sweet, last week she called my mom to get her chicken and dumpling recipe so she could surprise me since it's my favorite, I was so happy and blown away at how thoughtful it was - especially considering it's a crazy hard recipe!

So for the last few days I've been driving Jared crazy talking about his mom's potatoes and how I have dreams about casserole dishes with arms and legs dancing around with potatoes that have arms and legs - don't judge me. I've tried explaining to him that I have lost all control of my brain and taste buds. Yesterday I told Lori about my potato dreams and asked if the next time she was making her famous dish I could come over and help (and eat half the batch). When she emailed me later in the day and said that she was bringing them over that night I wanted to run out and hug everyone in my office and tell them the great news. POTATOES!!

They never tasted so glorious - heaven!

I know it can't be healthy to only eat potatoes for dinner but I told Lori "It could be worse, at least it's not cupcakes 24/7 or something!" And she said "There's no such thing as better or worse, if it's cupcakes you wanted it would be cupcakes 24/7! That's just how it is!" If that's not the best thing to say to a pregnant lady I don't know what is!! LOVE her.

On to non-potato related topics - we're wrapping up the semester here, THANK GOODNESS! Jared is taking 19 hours and has finals next week so I know he is more than ready to be finished, we both are! Only four summer classes and then graduation in August!! It's so crazy to think he's almost done, crazy and not crazy at the same time because he's definitely put the time in and earned it. He has two job offers so we'll either be in Houston or Dallas after August. Yay!


The past three years I have worked at the business school at A&M which has been amazing. One of the things we'll miss the most when we leave is our annual spring break trip to NYC. Every year I take 15-20 students to meet with companies in the city for 5 days and I get to bring Jared with me! The first trip was Jared's first time to the city so we had a lot of fun doing the touristy things and I loved getting to show him my favorite things to do there and places to eat.


This last trip was our third time there together and it was really fun because by now we know our favorite spots and things to do. We stayed at the most amazing hotel in Murray Hill - the Affinia Dumont. I LOVE this hotel because all of the rooms have a full kitchen - stove, microwave, refrigerator, everything! It's a fitness hotel so they always have fresh fruit at the desk, a pillow menu you can choose from every night, and the best staff ever. We also love that it's walking distance to everything in Midtown without being in the middle of all of the noise and traffic. I HIGHLY recommend it if you're going to the city anytime soon!!

They upgraded us for free so that was fun, we loved our room! (Jared loved it because I could watch American Idol in the bedroom and he could watch basketball in the living room)


Here are some sunrise pictures from our window overlooking the East River. (PS - I do not lug my huge camera around on these trips so bear with me with the point and shoot)

Photobucket Photobucket

We always eat at ESPN Zone on Times Square, Jared's favorite and shop a ton, my favorite. Jared went to the Met while I was at appointments so I got to hear all about the weapons and arms section of the museum, haha. We also asked our concierge what their favorite restaurants were and ended up having some of the best Italian food and going to a hole in the wall burger joint that was voted best burger in NYC (and we agreed). It was SO MUCH FUN!

The night we got home was when I found out I was pregnant so I'm glad the clothes I bought were the blousy style tops that I won't grow out of when I start showing! We have our 3 month appointment in 2 weeks so we're really excited, it's funny how much you look forward to seeing those blobs on the ultrasound that don't really look like anything. I can't wait to see what's changed since last time! I'll be sure and post the pictures when they give them to us.

I'm also excited to be out of the first trimester in two weeks, everyone has told me that it is the worst as far as tired and sick goes so c'mon second trimester!! And for me, those pressure bands that my doctor recommended don't do squat! Other than this -


Not fun. I think he should start recommending these -




Mike said...

Yep, Lori is simply AMAZING! I didn't even know she did that until I read it on your blog.

megan said...

I felt the same way about those bands - in fact, I felt they were more effective for holding my hair back while I threw up then helping me feel better! And yum - those potatoes do look heavenly. And so does NYC. I want to go!

AND last night I had this pathetic dream where I kept trying to hang out with your family like I was the fifth sister. Maybe it's part of the mourning process knowing I'm only having sons.

Bruce & Jillian said...

Tyan I love reading your blog!! And I also heart my moms potatoes!! I love when she puts green chiles in it!! YUM YUM!! Me and bruce are going to NY at the end of the month. We need to talk about all these great places :)!!

Misty said...

Second-Congrats on the job offers!! Your journey will begin soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I need the recipe!

Love you! MoM

Becky said...

Tyan, this is too funny. My first pregnancy, I ate a bowl of mashed potatoes every night for the first and second trimester. I would mix all kinds of weird things in with them - mayonaisse, mustard, horseradish, ranch dressing, - whatever I could get my hands on. No wonder I gained 50 lbs though I blame that on preeclampsia. I forgot about the potatoes, thanks for the memory!

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