Monday, May 11, 2009

Get excited

With Jared graduating soon and a little bean on the way there is so much to be excited about! Here's a few things at the top of my list:

  1. Our 12 week appointment on Thursday! We get to see the little heartbeat again and get a new blob picture for the fridge. I love those things!
  2. Not being sick anymore (knock on wood). I've been ick free for about two weeks now and I feel like a new person. I'm really glad about this because for a while there I thought I might just die a slothful death.(thanks for everyone's advice and support!!)
  3. Our bugaboo cameleon stroller - I've been obsessed with this thing for YEARS! Kind of pathetic, I know. But it's finally ours and I'm so excited!!! I actually pushed it around my parents house almost all weekend when we were visiting, it drives like a dream...


  4. Cardigans. I love a good cardigan, it's kind of a problem.


  5. The same can be said for J.Crew jeans. Simple, classic, tailored, amazingness. And they last forever, I love them.


  6. Jared ordering his Aggie ring today!! This is huge and momentous (and so is the ring). Only four more classes then graduation in August - the countdown has begun!


megan said...

You got the bugaboo!? I'm SO jealous - I love that thing too. And if I could go back I'd get it instead of all of the many cheap strollers we've gone through. I wish I could see it in action! And I am also a cardigan freak. I feel so much better when I've got one on. J.Crew jeans, eh? Maybe I'll reward myself with some once I lose this darned baby weight!

And congrats in advance, Jared!

Misty said...

Congrats on everything!!!

Katherine said...

nothing compares to a great stroller!

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