Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 6


So I lied. I had all the best intentions of finishing these last two days up a week ago but it never fails - when I make plans, the AC goes out. I can pretty much count on it. So after spending the last week with the repair guys I am really wishing we were back on the beach!

Day 6 I conquered one of my major fears - heights. Apparently Costa Rica has some pretty amazing zipline tours, everyone that had been before told us it was a MUST do. Considering I have a hard time standing at the top of a step ladder without holding on I thought we might have a problem. But I didn't want to miss out so I figured if my harness breaks mid-zip and this is how I go out at least Jared would know that I tried to be adventurous!

As you can see, no harness mishaps this time so we're good. It was actually really, really fun. I did find myself looking down a few times planning which tree I would try to grab on to if my harness broke now.......or now.......or what.. about... now.... but that game got old quick since the trees started getting further and further away. We were so high up!! I should have taken some pictures along the way but I was too busy concentrating on my harness.

Here's the group on our way out. (Melissa and Dad stayed home with the babies)


Just a few from around the house after we got home. I loved the little water basin at the gate between our house and the beach, perfect idea for rinsing the sand off.


One of the days, I can't remember which, we had surf lessons so the boys spent the rest of the week trying to master the waves. I think Jared still prefers snowboarding, but man does he look good carrying a surf board. :)



shelby said...

oo I LOVE that little water basin! Beautiful pics :)

melodie said...

I just wanted to write and say that I haven't been here for a while (I was on an internet fast ;) ) but I was immediately reminded why I loved your blog in the first place - your pictures are absolutely stunning, and you have a way of imparting this beauty and relaxation into the frame. Thank you very, very much for sharing these.

Holly said...

Tyan, what a beautiful family you have. I loved all the pictures- amazing! Looks like such an incredible trip!!

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