Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Costa Rica - Day 5

Beach day! Brody got things started with a little show to entertain Landry. It is SO cute how much he already loves his little cousin.


Then he decided to head outside to explore. I love his little diaper bum.


This is his face when I tell him not to put something in his mouth. He's pretending to listen....


... and then does something cute to try and distract me.


Then we got really dressed up (and by that I mean we wore something over our swimsuits) and headed out for lunch. So much for a picture of all of us looking, I think that's pretty much par-for-the-course with a 1 yr old. :)



Where for lunch, Paige? LOS MUNCHIES! So we called it. It was actually only a couple of picnic tables outside of a tiny general store but OH MAN did they have the best rice and beans you've ever had. In you life. Ever. Brody was a fan of the smoothies, not even Sean's turtle flute playing could distract him.


Then it was back on the beach.


Will and Jared tried to get Brody into boogie boarding. He didn't like it so much.


Probably as much as Jason liked this:


Brody's favorite thing to do was pick up shells/leaves/sunglasses and throw them into the surf. Each throw he would say "BOOM!" and make a funny surprised face. Such a big boy. I love that little dude.


To me days like this are like gold. Just relaxing and enjoying being around the people you love the most. And rice and beans.



mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I love all of your pictures. I want to go there now.

shelby said...

Brody just gets cuter and cuter in every pic!! How is that possible?! and your pics are AMAZING! I also want to go there now :) miss you!!

Gigi said...

Your pictures are sooo good! I love the ones in which Brody is wearing a gray shirt with a detail in red - it matches the flowers outside so perfectly! It's wonderful to see such beautiful pictures of a happy, loving family after seeing (and reading) some nasty things in the online newspapers today... Helps me to remember that there is good people out there. Tks!

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