Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Rhys

Is there anything better than a sweet, sleepy, chubby little munchkin? I dare say there is not. And he has to be one of the sweetest, sleepiest, chubbiest of them all. I pretty much love him.

And so does his big brother. He was so excited to tickle his toes and give him kisses.


Then he decided to show us his guns.:)


I love how his little legs are still all curled up. From shooting so many newborns after a few minutes of positioning them I can almost always tell which way they were positioned in the womb, one leg usually likes to be on top. Oh I love baby legs.


He literally slept the entire session - the wrapping, unwrapping, getting buck naked - all of it! The big boys are always the best sleepers but he takes the cake. Love you baby Rhys.



Ramsey said...

YESSSSSS!!! I finally made it to your blog! I love that chubby baby!

JaLynne said...

Oh he is scrumptious! Beautiful Tyan!!

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