Friday, July 29, 2011

Paige & Will


Today is the last Murray wedding. I can't believe it! I'm sure my parents can't either. I think what makes a fun day even better is the fact that she's marrying the best guy. We absolutely love Will and he fits right in with the now complete group of brother-in-laws. And they just make the cutest couple!


I love that Will brings out Paige's silly side. While we were taking these he was constantly making her laugh. I love them together.


When I asked them to practice their first dance in the middle of this park I think it sunk in a little bit for both of them, you could just feel it. I love when I get to be there when moments like these happen.


The rest of the time there was this calmness about them. It wasn't the giddy/nervous/excited side of love but the comfortable, calm, quiet side. They just fit.


I love it because it reminds me that this is what it's about. It's about looking to the person next to you and being so amazed that they are yours and you are theirs. So today the last Miss Murray becomes Mrs. Simmons, and it couldn't be more perfect...



shelby said...

OOO! I just LOVE all of these pics - I can't even pick a favorite b/c I love them all! :)

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I absolutely love love love all of these pictures. Your sister is so pretty.

Ramsey said...

Your pictures never cease to amaze me.

skye said...

I just love your style of photography, it's so bright and cheerful and you can tell they are yours. Very recognizable, I'm jealous of your talents being an amateur photographer myself.

Sierra & Ryan said...

These picture are beautiful! You are so talented. Tell Paige congratulations from us, we are so happy for her!

AllyM said...

I lived in college station with Paige--these pictures are so beautiful!

I'm getting married in June--I really want you to take my pictures, but I'll be contacting you later on!

-Ally Mullin

Melissa said...

So how is it that I picked out two of the three outfits for her as a Christmas present, but I have NO style in comparison to how cute she looks in them?! So jealous :)

Mary said...

Hi Tyan,

First of all, beautiful pictures! I've been a fan since you did pictures for a friend of mine from D.C. and as a future bride I love your style - your engagement pictures are especially dreamy, serene, and beautiful.

Second, I know you have a lot going on with a little one and another one on the way so I hate to bug about this but have to ask: do you know where your sister got the cream / floral dress she's wearing in these pictures? I'd love to know the secret if it's not too much trouble!

Tyan said...

Hi Mary! Thanks so much for the sweet note! Her dress is from Anthropologie. :)

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