Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pancake art - update

**An update on the birthday breakfast - my first post was about my husband's amazing skills when it comes to making pancakes combined with the fun twist he puts on breakfast for birthdays. Jared not only makes the best pancakes ever (I like them really fluffy as you can see!!), but on birthdays just having plain round pancakes is out of the question. Here are some pictures of this year's birthday breakfast.

This is my heart shaped one, I said I like them really fluffy!!

Last year's creations were a bit more "freehand" but this year he used some pancake molds like these. Who even knew these existed! Love it! I'm sure if you have kids they would love them, just be sure and spray them with Pam or something before you pour the batter in or the shapes will be a little mangled, or don't if you're going for the mangled look.


Anonymous said...

I need to turn my Pancake Flipper over to Jared forever..... They look alot better than our first ones.


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