Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Time

We are headed to Tyler this weekend for some time with the fam and a haircut!

With five girls in my family we've been to a lot of hair stylists - but Matt Pierce, who owns the Atelier Creek Salon in Tyler, is hands down the best there ever was - you heard me, THE BEST! So every 8 weeks or so I (happily) make the 160 mile trip for a little hair therapy.

Yea, I could probably try to find someone here in College Station but that would mean giving up the catch up chat session we always have - even if I'm 10 minutes late, our constant negotiations about how blonde I can go, being able to take my shoes off and grab a coke out of the mini fridge if I want one, not to mention the life lesson talks mixed in with how fabulous we think Cameron Diaz looks with dark hair. He's an amazing stylist, but I think I value being able to kick back for a couple hours and speak my mind more than anything. (I also love getting my hair washed by someone else, it feels so good!) So I'm glad to make the drive, and plan to keep making it till I'm out of driving range!

Here are some recent famliy pictures that Megan took of us that I absolutely love. I just think candid pictures just seem a little more refreshing and expressive than the standard family pose that everyone has hanging over their fireplace, but that's just me. Have a good weekend!!

On the back porch at my parent's house.

My sisters and I.


All About Hair said...

Just look at that beautiful hair!!!! 4 of the most beautiful sisters ever, it must be the psssst....

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