Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have you started thinking about Christmas shopping?

I haven't started the shopping part yet, it's still a bit early as far as I'm concerned, but I already know what I'm going to get for my sisters. Gift giving gets more fun as we get older I think - maybe we appreciate the thought behind the gifts more than we have in the past, or maybe we've gotten better at picking things out for each other!

If I didn't know what to get them already, these are a few things I think they would love!

Cute gloves for Melissa. She lives in cold weather country now and would put them to great use!

(these are from J.Crew - love the pom-poms!!)

Unique vases and a cute apron for Paige. She has a fun style and these vases would look perfect in her room! She also loves to cook so the apron is a must.

(both from Anthropologie - one of my favorite places on Earth)

And a comfy, stylish sweater for Kellye. She has a really distinct style and this would be perfect!

(Victoria's Secret online)

Now if I can just narrow things down and pick something for Jared! Any ideas on good gifts for guys!?


Sharstin said...

Hey Tyan--I love Christmas shopping! I pretty much have to think about the perfect gifts for everyone all year-I love to give gifts that are meaningful, and you know the person would love. Guys are definately tough--eh? I'm always keeping my ear tuned in for any clues from Andrew--You can never go wrong wtih BYU stuff, or in your case A&M. I know you will think of lots of fun things for cute Jared--

Britney said...

I was just thinking about what I should get Brock for Christmas, and it's hard! You'd think the person we know the best would be easy to buy for, but that's not always the case.

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