Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful people

Last weekend I got to take engagement pictures for my sister Kellye and it was so much fun. The weather was perfect and the azaleas were blooming so we didn't even have to go anywhere, we just walked out in the yard! Now I have to say that anyone can put a camera in front of these two and get an amazing picture so my job wasn't that hard.

My friend Megan (photographer to the stars) and I were looking at them and drooling over Kellye's skin. How can it be so perfect!? Honestly, not one touch up was made. Kinda makes you sick, huh?

They are a beautiful couple but what I love is how natural and relaxed they are with each other. No forced poses, no awkward kisses, you can always tell when it's true love!

To see the rest click here.


Sharstin said...

very cute couple!

m. & m. said...

Tyan - those pictures couldn't have been taken but just anybody. you've got a really great eye! And yes, whenever I'm talking to Kellye I get distracted by her childlike skin.

Leah said...

I clicked the link to see the rest and the link did not work....check it out. Awesome pics.

Tyan said...

The link is fixed now, sorry about that! (Thanks Leah!)

Britney said...

wow, your photography skills are getting better and better! this is magazine material. i agree about kellye's skin. i always notice people with good skin bc mine is ridiculously bad, and getting worse all the time...dumb.

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