Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stationery obsession

Over the past few months I've been trying to learn Photoshop CS3 and I've made some progress, but it's a little more slow going than I would like. There's just so much that it can do, I'm constantly amazed. While I originally bought it for photo editing and what not, I've lately discovered the graphic design elements (a few anyway) and can't get enough!

On Saturday afternoon I sat in front of the computer for a good 4 hours making invitations, stationery and note cards (and went through a whole black ink cartridge in the process) . Here are the double-sided flat note cards I made as hostess gifts for my sister's bridal shower.

Her colors are pink and yellow blush tones so I did her other bridal shower invitations and thank you cards in the pink.

But my favorite so far is this flat note card I did for my mom and a few friends.


Jo said...

You are ridiculously creative and talented. I love checking your blog for the next wonderful creation.

m. & m. said...


You need an etsy business like now, girl!

Sharstin said...

I love love all of these--especially the first one!where did you get all of your cute graphics? did you design them?? so fun!

Tyan said...

Yea, it took me about 4 hours straight on a Saturday afternoon! But it was fun and I love doing it!

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