Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is there anything he can't do?

When Jared and I got married I knew he had a lot of really awesome talents - he's a good athlete, he can clean out and reorganize any garage or closet in under 3 hours, he can build things and refinish furniture like a pro, and the list goes on. This was great because I didn't have any of these talents and I needed them! And I had talents that he didn't have (like sleeping in, budgeting, fun things like that) so it was fun to help each other and each be good at something.

Then on our one year anniversary he dropped a huge talent bomb on me that I didn't see coming. I guess I've always considered myself to be the more artistic of the two of us ... until the day when he gave me this.

It's a watercolor painting he did of one of my bridal pictures. I didn't even know he could paint! It blew me away, it is so awesome. Then I realized that all that time I spent thinking I was the creative one he was probably laughing inside thinking "sure, of course you are honey!" He's incredibly humble about it and still claims to not be very good, but he's just wrong about that. He's pretty amazing.

So when my little 8 yr old cousin, Ashton, wanted a room covered in dinosaur murals they knew just who to call. And I have to say that after seeing all the murals Jared came up with it made me want a dinosaur room too, and I don't even like dinosaurs. These are pictures while he was painting them at our house. (some friends of ours thought we were redecorationg our kitchen!)

All I have to say is I can't wait to see what kind of rooms our kids have because there really isn't much he can't do!


Holly said...

Wow! Amazing talent! I'm very impressed.

Em said...

I am so impressed. That painting of you is beautiful, and such a cool technique/look.

Patrick said...

Props to Jared....I didn't see that coming.

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