Thursday, September 11, 2008


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This hurricane business is really cramping my style! We had a fun trip to the Woodlands planned with our friends Ryan and Marissa tomorrow, I had a new client photo session in Houston on Saturday night, and now it looks like we might be hunkered down here with no power. (being from Texas I like to throw in phrases like "hunker down" every once in a while!)

I say two thumbs down, Hurricane Ike. Hopefully it will fall apart well before it gets to us, we were lucky enough to dodge Fay when we were in Florida so maybe we'll be so lucky again. We'll see how it goes! Regardless I'm sure we'll have all the weathermen from the networks decked out in their rain gear, looking for damage to broadcast in front of. Don't those guys crack you up!?


ryanbassham said...
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Ryan and Marissa said...

Stupid hurricane!!! We are so bummed out that things aren't gonna work out, we were really looking forward to it. We'll have to regroup and go for it again some other time. Have fun in Tyler sorry we couldn't make it!

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