Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Destin, I love you

We got back from our family trip to Destin about three weeks ago and I just started peeling last week, how is that fair!? Oh well, my goal of being as tan as Jared probably just isn't realistic. We had an awesome time though, my parents rented a house on the beach and we all met there and spent the week relaxing and having fun.

This was actually the first trip with both son-in-laws and Melissa and Paige's boyfriends (they are cool, we approve). That meant a lot more activities and less shopping, both of which my dad was probably happy about! It was one of the best weeks ever.

**Most/all of these pictures were taken by Melissa, I was too lazy/paranoid to drag my giant camera around everywhere, so thanks Meliss!!

I love this picture of Kellye. This was on the way there, she needed advil and Melissa dug these crusty bits out of the bottom of her purse. Hilarious.

Gotta represent.

Again with the representing.

I have pretty sisters.

Paige, rocking the turban, and Will being himself.

Plaid shorts, so hot right now.

Umm, I don't know what I'm doing. This was probably meant to be of the raft in the background, that thing was awesome.

Jared and Justin (Melissa's boyfriend). They are BFFs.

Jared can make any situation more extreme.

Ahh, sweet nectar of the gods.

The whole gang.

Deep sea fishing adventures and more to come!


Em said...

What a beautiful family! Seriously..it's kind of sickening! ;)

Glad you guys had fun!

megan said...

Is this a j.crew ad or just an amazingly cool family? where do I sign up to join?

p.s. you look waaaaay hot.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Megan,

Didn't you get the memo? You ARE in our family!

Rebecca said...

So apparently ugly people are not allowed to join your family, right? Elitists. ;)

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