Tuesday, September 2, 2008

12 states - 3,004 miles

map copy

That is how much Jared and I have driven in the past two weeks, and boy am I glad to have a break from road trips for a good long while. It started when I flew to Chicago to see his presentation and from there we drove to Destin, FL to meet my family for a week on the beach. (pictures will be up soon I promise!) It was about a 15 hour drive but it was GORGEOUS! I have never driven through that part of the country and we were both shocked at how beautiful Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee are. Alabama not so much.

Then we drove back home and started school the very next day! Jared is taking 19 hours this semester (whoa), and this fall is packed with speakers, conferences and meetings at my office so we have both jumped in with both feet and been super busy starting the first day back.

My sister, Melissa, is moving back to Texas so we offered to drive her moving truck from Utah to Dallas that next weekend. So we knocked out the first week of school, flew to Utah and started the trek back. The first part of the drive from Utah to Colorado was really pretty, but from there on it was pretty bleak.

So posting has pretty scarce, driving through 12 states in two weeks isn't very blog friendly. But once I get a few hours of much needed sleep, catch up on phone messages and email, and my eyes get used to staring at a computer screen again all will be back to normal!


Sharstin said...

wow that is quite the trip! we had no idea you guys were in Utah--wish we could have maybe seen you.

Tyan said...

I know, that would have been fun. We literally got off the plane and into the moving truck to start driving. Yuck!

megan said...

eww - that is yuck. i was gonna say the same thing...i'm sad she moved - that was my one way i was gonna see you!

Britney said...

you should have stopped by when you were in kentucky! although it looks like you would have had to go out of the way a little and make your 15 hour trip a few hours longer...haha. nevermind.

Ryan and Rikke said...

You're totally not a loser friend. Your birthday was a few months ago and I completely spaced it, so I guess we must both be loser friends. Ryan got me Joe jeans. I know they're kind of expensive (unfortunately what jeans aren't these days?), but I honestly love them. They're super soft, comfy and definitely flattering. You should check them out. And thanks for the mascara tip - I'm going to check it out next time I'm at Target.

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