Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Jacox

Here he is! (sorry these are so grainy, I took pictures of the ultrasound print outs with my iPhone since I am incapable of working our scanner!)


Doesn't he have the cutest little profile! (I'm not biased or anything) It was so awesome to get to see him moving his little mouth and squirming around. I could have laid there all day looking at him.

His little leg.


Another profile shot, he has his hand up next to his head. It was so cute, he kept moving his little fingers and stretching them out.


This is the first time Jared has seen him since the 6 week ultrasound so it was definitely fun to see how big he is, not a little bean anymore! He's actually about 10.5 inches, almost a whole ruler. Crazy. And talk about kicking, he is all over the place. Jared felt him kick for the first time a couple of days ago so now it's fun to sit and feel it together.

It's still really surreal but now that none of my pants button it's becoming a little more real! I'll post some pictures of the bump soon, it's so fun that there's actually a bump now. Over fourth of July weekend my mom and I went maternity clothes shopping and got tons of cute stuff. Yes - cute maternity clothes! They exist! It was SO MUCH fun. We found mostly dresses and cute tops, I'm still loving my regular size white linen pants but I found some cute jeans and capris that I'll be living in pretty soon.

It's just SO freakin' hot here right now!! We've had several record breaking days with temperatures above 105 (every day is above 100), it is miserable. And unless you've lived in Texas it's hard to understand the nasty, humid, suffocating heat that basically makes it impossible to keep your hair straight or your makeup on. It's just so gross. So we'll just count down to our Destin trip in less than a month and crank the AC!


Sierra & Ryan said...

I love the one where he has his hand by his head, it looks like he is waving! You can already tell he is going to be a super cute little boy :) Can't wait to see the belly bump pics!

Nefilinda said...

He's already adorable! :)

Ah, yes...the Texas heat. Fantastic, isn't it? :P

Ryan and Rikke said...

So cute! And so exciting for you guys! Can't wait to meet the little guy.

Lori said...

So cute! Love the little profile picture...he is adorable!

Rebecca Boilini said...

I'm so happy for both of you! What a fun expierence to have! I hope everything goes well!!

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