Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obsession....Carmindy's Foundation

A while back I blogged about Carmindy's Under Eye concealer and how great it is, I still love it and use it everyday. So with the way my skin is handling the wash of pregnancy hormones (not well, by the way) I thought I would give some other things from her line a try. This time - Your Skin Foundation.


I am a loyal, die hard Bare Minerals user so I felt a little guilty cheating with new foundation. But I won't lie, I was looking forward to a break from tap, tap, swirl, tap, tap, buff, buff, buff, swirl, buff.

Why I went with this is because I wanted something with a little more coverage, easy to apply, good for extra sensitive skin, and lasts the whole day without touch-ups. I was prepared to try a lot of different things since I was expecting a lot, but after two trips to CVS to find the right shade (you can open, test, and return any cosmetic item at CVS!) and a week of wearing I am sold!!

It goes on smoothly without that glossy look some foundations have, it covers well but looks totally natural (I use one pump for my whole face), and lasts all day. I put it on after my moisturizer and then dust some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil on to set it (and make myself feel better about cheating on my old friend). Usually I can tell if my skin doesn't agree with something pretty quickly and this has been great so far. I'll keep you updated if that changes anytime soon.

I want to try the airbrush foundation next, I think it will be great for vacation makeup. Quick and easy!


Sierra & Ryan said...

I am going to need to try this! I have been a die hard bare minerals person, but I just feel like that halfway through the day the coverage on my face is gone! Did you ever feel like that? Or am I just doing something wrong in their steps? hahaha....

Tyan said...

Totally agree!! And there's no way I'm carrying loose powder and a huge brush in my purse. No thanks!

Em said...

I cannot believe you can seriously open, test, and return cosmetics to CVS! How did you learn this? That's crazy! Thanks for sharing---I think I'll try the concealer. Lots of dark under-eyes these days...can't imagine why! :)

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