Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello There!


I'm 5-1/2 months and the bump is officially here! Here's what is happening lately:

Soccer Player:
He is kicking like a wild man! I really, really love it. It is so much fun at night to sit with Jared's hand on my belly and feel him putting on a show.

Fun Stuff: My back is killing me. I'm pretty sure the extra weight in front, belly and bazoombies, is throwing me off when it comes to sitting up straight. And I'm usually a rock hard sleeper but lately not so much. I got a Snoogle body pillow and that helped at first, but now it feels in the way most of the time since I switch sides back and forth during the night. Any suggestions?

Also, the pregnancy books totally freak you out about laying flat on your back - EVER!!! It means sudden death for everyone involved. So during the night when I wake up on my back I panic, hope I'm not dead, and turn to my side worrying like crazy. This happens about 15 times a night. So I asked my doctor about it and he said that it's not as terrible as they scare you into thinking, but it's not a good idea to sleep flat on your back all night. Of course that's the way I feel most comfortable, go figure.

Non-maternity Maternity Clothes: I've really been loving tunics in general lately, Jared got me this Anthropologie one for my birthday and it completes me.


Really any kind of blousy top with white pants or skinny jeans works for me. I have an obsession with white pants. I also love that there are cute sandals and flats GALORE right now, I found these at Payless and they are totally comfortable! (sometimes shoes from Payless aren't so comfy, but these get an A+)


I was actually wearing these sandals with the dress in the top picture, which brings me to my next obsession - maxi dresses! Dresses are my best friend with this crazy Texas heat. The less fabric touching my body the better. What's great is that non-maternity maxi dresses are basically the same as maternity maxi dresses, and I love all of them equally.

Maternity Clothes: I so wish I could be one of those people that wears their normal clothes as long as possible before finally breaking down in the last two months and buying official maternity clothes, it would save so much money! Most of my clothes still fit but just not the way that they did 5 months ago, or even 3 months ago for that matter! And to me, that's just depressing. Even though I know full well that is is totally normal and fully expected it, it still just sad when your pants won't zip up, or the shirt button between the girls is threatening to pop off and take someone's eye right out.

So over fourth of July weekend my wonderful, amazing, fashionista mom knew just what I needed and we set out on a quest for cute maternity clothes. The bump, bazoombies and I were so happy.

We hit Motherhood Maternity and actually found some really cute things! The funniest part is they have a strap on bump in every dressing room so you can see if what you're wearing will fit in a few months. I totally freaked my mom out when I came out of the dressing room looking like I was about to go into labor. It was hilarious.

We also went to Target so she could help me register which was really fun. They have some really great maternity things too! Just for fun I tried on a pair of jeans with the stretchy panel that goes all the way up, I just wanted to prepare myself for the hideous-ness that is to come. Lo and behold they were actually cute!! Outside of work I usually live in jeans so I've been prepared to pay the same price as normal jeans if I found a cute maternity pair, so at $29.99 I snatched them right up and was so proud of myself for saving so much money. They are in the top of the closet ready for when I need the full stretchy panel of joy in a month or two.

So I held out 5-1/2 months, I'm still wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (thank you bella band) and mixing in maternity things here and there. Now I'm ready for the next 3-1/2 months! (but not so much for the whole labor and delivery part)


Katherine said...

I use the Boppy wedge pillow, it was easy to move in the middle of the night, and made it more comfortable for me to sleep on my side.

Also, the hideous full panel jeans are so much more comfy the regular maternity jeans. Plus the panel is thin and you won't get that line showing through your clothes vs the regular maternity jeans. It took me until my 2nd pregnancy to figure this out, I was so horrified by the full panel. Also check out for great maternity jeans, (free shipping and returns) worth the investment, especially if your going to get preggo again

Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

dont worry too much about sleeping on your back. I slept on my back till like 8 months... I started on my back and woke up on my back. it was the only way i could sleep and it was comfortable. i did try to sleep on my side but i just couldnt go to sleep. dont worry...
and you look so pretty in your picture!

Chaz, Sara and Marek said...

oh yeah, and my favorite maternity pants had the panel way up to my boobs almost.. they were so comfy and didn't leave a line. Sometimes i would pull up my shirt to show my friends how dorky i was, cuz it really is dorky, but SO GREAT.

megan said...

My mom said she laid flat on her back through ALL of her pregnancies. Still though, I did that middle of the night panic too thinking, "Oh no! The babies probably dead now!" So then I would start pushing around on my belly till the baby pushed back. There's no way around the paranoia for some of us I think!

And umm, yea, you're a hottie!

Em said...

I think it's crazy how many different opinions there are on what's safe and what isn't. It can be so confusing! One doc will say one thing and another will totally disagree. I stick with the motto that if you are uncomfortable on your back, then it probably isn't a good idea. I slept on my back whenever I wanted but sometimes it was uncomfortable so I wouldn't.
And my trick for the back pain was to lean in towards the middle of the bed, take the edge of the comforter and bundle it up, shove it under the small of my back and then lay down on it. So then I wasn't really on my side but I wasn't really lying straight on my back either. Does that make sense?'re looking fabulous! Be grateful for that long skinny torso you started off with! :)

Annnnd you guys are leaving soon aren't you? I can't believe it came up that fast. You need to come over for dinner or something before you leave!!!

Brittney said...

Your boobs are HUGE!!! LOL

You look absolutley stunning!

I am so glad that this experiance has been a pleasant one. I remember how worried you were.
But you are a strong lil lady!

I wish the best to you and Jared and the new bundle of joy on its way!

P.S. Have you though of names?

Kristen Olson said...

Tyan, the shirt you show in the non-maternity part of this post... I swear Cheryl wore that at our May workshop!! Am I crazy!?!? No wait, I have pictures!! :)

carina said...


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