Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Danger lovers

I am not a danger lover, but I am married to one. It's pretty fun most of the time because Jared's really pretty careful so it's always an adventure. But when I saw these pictures from his latest trip to Albuquerque to see his best friend I got a little afraid. I've discovered growing up with three sisters didn't prepare me at all for living with a boy - let alone one that has no fear.

Repelling off of a cliff face first, or "Aussie Style" , does not
sound like fun to me. But when boys get together they come up with these "fun" things to do that only danger lovers would consider doing.

Playing "who can shoot the golf ball further"

A few ones from different trips:

(notice where we are and where Jared is)

And my personal favorite:

If we have any boys I forsee a lot of camo and bandaids in my future . . .
Love you babe!!


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