Wednesday, July 25, 2007

smells are important to me

My love of candles and all things that smell nice is a bit out of control.

I blame/thank my mom - she discovered how to make the most wonderful candles ever. So every time we would go home to visit for the weekend, at least 5 hours of that Saturday were spent picking out and mixing scents to make delicious candles. It became a pretty big operation, all my friends wanted to come and make candles, people who smelled them wanted to order some, just all around fun.

But not so fun when I discovered that I burn so many candles so often that black soot was starting to accumulate on the light switches, picture frames, lamp shades - basically anything that doesn't move often. Jared and I probably have black lung and don't even know it. But smells are important to me so I love this new addition to our little soot covered townhouse.

Lamp rings and fragrance oil ( I love the ones here from Bath and Body Works) They cut down on fire hazards, leave no soot and are pretty manly if you (or your husband) are not the candle type.

**Just be sure when you take the ring off the lamp to put oil in it that the lamp has been off for a while. All but three of my fingertips are pretty much burned off.


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