Thursday, July 12, 2007

I love you, but you smell ...

This is our new kitty - Chauncey. Isn't he so cute! It took lots of convincing to get Jared to agree to a pet but I think Chauncey's won him over. I grew up with lots of pets - cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, even a short-lived ferret (my sister Kellye wanted to train him to ride in the hood of her sweatshirt, but on the first try it latched onto her ear and sealed it's own fate) Jared, on the other hand, didn't have too many family pets, none that he was ever attached to in any way. But when we went to my parents house in Tyler and saw the new little bunch of five baby kittens I wasn't leaving without one (I tried for two) So Jared picked out and named little Chauncey and he came with us back to College Station.

I had everything planned, two litter boxes - one upstairs, one downstairs, food, snacks, bowls, scoopers, carpet freshener, everything! It was all going well too, until we discovered that while we were gone during the day he would use the corner behind our T.V. instead of the litter box - sick. There is no smell worse than cat pee and there is almost no way to get the smell out of carpet if it's gone down to the pad - so sick. So I thought Chauncey was a goner for sure because there's no way we are going to be that cat house that smells.

So, thoroughly distraught, I researched cleaners and odor removers online, checked with the vet to see what they would suggest ( "oh, he's still a kitten, that's just what they do. He'll grow out of it" - thanks a lot) , and ultimately went to Target and bought everything that promised to clean the carpet and/or remove the smell. I was in full desperation mode when none of that worked.

Then I found this for four bucks at Wal-Mart (sorry Russell) and figured I'd give it a try - and it works!! I'm amazed and so so excited! It's just a bag of rocks that magically pulls the odor out of the air, don't ask me how it works, it just does. And I'm a fan.

I think we've stopped him from using the corner (if you put a food bowl wherever they have "accidents" then they won't return there to go again because they won't go by their food, huh!) So it's good news all around. The carpet is clean, there is no smell, and Chauncey is here to stay!


Nick said...

My first attempt at owning my own cat (outside of living at home as a kid) ended with her peeing on my bed. Four times. Soaked all the way through the mattress. Then she moved on to my couch and, on a trip home, my parents bed and couch. I tried everything to make her stop, none of which worked (you can't very well put a food bowl on your bed.) Eventually I had to get rid of her because the vet could find nothing wrong with her and the smell was starting to get ridiculous.

In any case, cats are weird animals. And dirty. Haha. But when they are cute (the other 90% of the time) they are so worth the trouble. :)

Tyan said...

Yikes! Sounds like she had a serious aversion to the litter box. And sleeping with cat food is not exactly a fun or hygenic solution, ahah. They are cute though, and Chauncey has finally stopped spreading his stink all over - thank goodness!

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