Friday, July 20, 2007

undershirts galore...

There is a special place in my heart for a good undershirt. I actually think of myself as a bit of an "undershirt connoisseur", a title that you should automatically earn upon your 20th, or so, undershirt purchase.

Do I like wearing undershirts, no - adding one more layer in Texas during the summer is like death. It's hot, humid and - well really hot. But I think it looks so trashy when girls wear shirts with necklines so low that you can guess their bra size with 99% accuracy. I'm equally disgusted by the sheer amount of
back fat/crack/thong I've been exposed to by girls bending over or sitting in low rise jeans. Not cute. I don't even care if you're a size 2 , I don't want to see your butt.

Hence, the pursuit of the perfect undeshirt is a worthy one. It has to be tight enough to not add bulk, long enough to either stay tucked in or cover your business, and not so high necked that you look like you're wearing a t-shirt under your clothes (a huge pet peeve).

My favorites are from Old Navy actually! They are microfiber (stays cool and fits snug) tanks that I have in white, black and nude - the trinity. I also love a cami like this one if you want a little slimming action (and gets rid of bra lines). I also love these from Shade Clothing because they are super thin, just long enough, and come in lots of colors. But you can never go wrong with these from the Gap. Cheap, soft, perfect neckline, loves it!

However, this is not a fix-all for every shirt that is too low/sheer/short/etc. On that note, don't ever do this:


My sisters rockin' undershirts the right way:


Britney&Brock said...

Hey Tyan! I'm bored at work, so I'm trying to find everyone I know with a blog so I can add them to my links on my own blog. I like to feel like I have a lot of friends:) I'm glad you're teaching people about properly wearing undershirts. There's a fine line between looking cute and looking like you're trying to get away with something. Well, have a good day!

Lindsey said...

This is why I love you. An opinion, about EVERYTHING...

it's really the best way to be:)

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