Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Discovery Channel rocks my world

You've done it again Discovery Channel! First it was Deadliest Catch, then Man vs. Wild, now Everest: Beyond the Limit has me totally hooked.

I have no idea why but I love watching pretty much anything having to do with Mount Everest. I am not a climber, or even a camper for that matter, but something about Mount Everest documentaries and shows are completely mesmerizing to me.

Check it out Tuesday nights at 9:00. There are only a few more episodes but after Dec. 18 there will be a follow up show called "After the Climb" on Tuesday nights at 10:00.


Sharstin said...

I am a big fan as well! I watched it last season--but I haven't caught it lately--I will tune in for sure--fun picts by the way..

Patrick said...

All I've got to say is Tim is freakin crazy!

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